Looking for a remote VA, digital marketer/consultant?

Perhaps, I can help.

Looking for a remote VA, digital marketer/coach?

I work with Amazon and Shopify business owners.


Product Sourcing

I have my own suppliers for certain products and I may be able to help you find the supplier for a product you wish to sell.


I have managed businesses on Amazon with 5 to 7-figure per year in sales from clothing, jewelry, health and personal care, kitchen products, and more.


Do you need a Shopify store or a self-hosted WordPress website for your business or blog? I can help.


If you need some clarity on how to launch your physical products business or any online business, then ask away.


I help entrepreneurs run their ecommerce businesses.

Done For You

Would you like me to launch your online business for you? P.S. This is not for everybody.

Paul H. P.

Paul is a nurse turned entrepreneur. He had been selling products online since 2012 and have managed multiple top 1% Amazon and Shopify businesses with a combined sales of over $10M from 2018.

At midday and at midnight, he is either buying or selling stocks in the Asian and the American share markets.

P.S. He is done with the basketball (NBA) GOAT conversation.

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